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National Ground Penetrating Radar Service, Inc., (NGPRS, Inc.) is a company with national reach offering state of the art non-invasive subsurface investigations. NGPRS, Inc. offers competitive rates anywhere in the nation to quickly resolve your sub-surface investigation economically and professionally.

NGPRS, Inc. operates Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate subsurface objects and provide services such as: high resolution concrete imaging, utility locating and mapping, cemetery & forensic mapping, bridge & roadway inspection and geological explorations.


Concrete Non-destructive Imaging

High Resolution Concrete Imaging

GPR may be utilized by construction professionals as a means to locate targets within and below concrete prior to core drilling or saw cutting. GPR is more accurate, efficient and safer to use than radiography (x-ray). MORE>>

Utility Locating and Mapping

Utility Locating and Mapping

Construction professionals, environmental firms and surveyors often need to locate utilities prior to trenching, digging and conducting site assessments. MORE>>

Cemetery mapping

Cemetery Mapping

Cemetery/funeral professionals often have a limited number of records available as to the exact location of existing known and unknown burials located within their cemetery. MORE>>

Bridge and Roadway Inspection

Bridge and Roadway Inspection

Structural Engineers and bridge/highway professionals often need to evaluate the aging condition of bridge decks and roadways. MORE>>

Geological gpr and em


GPR and EM are the most reliable ways to non-destructively assess and map the subsurface of the earth. MORE>>


National GPR Service, Inc. contracted for US Naval Bases.

National GPR Service, inc. has been contracted by a premier east coast electrical design-build contractor to provide underground utility locating at US Naval bases around the world. NGPRS, Inc. is scheduled in 2013-2014 to perform service in Japan, Guam, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

National GPR Service, Inc. becomes first in nation to offer contract training and licensing.

National GPR Service, Inc. has become the first and only GPR firm in the nation to offer contract training through National GPR University and licensing opportunities to approved contractors. The offical launch took place at the 2013 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5-8, 2013. MORE>>

48 Hours: Buried Secrets of Las Vegas Sex, Drugs, Greed and the Biggest Murder Mystery in Las Vegas History

National GPR Service, Inc. was contracted by CBS News to perform a subsurface exploration of former Las Vegas casino owner Ted Binions home where it is believed he buried millions in treasure. To watch the whole episode follow the link on our links page. MORE>>
NGPRS on 48 hours


What was once an indistinguishable acre of land with overgrown weeds and brush has been transformed into a serene final resting place. The cemetery is located between two cornfields on Blockhouse Road south of the city of Platteville. MORE>>